“I’ve Come, Lord” Prayers

By Rhonda Frye

She Said:

God, I can’t seem to find my voice or move into my skin? Will you make a place where I…. “just as I am” will fit in?

Feeling like a fish out of water, flopping on the sand, I need someone to “get me” I really need a friend.

Will you be my refuge… I need a place inside. I want a shelter I can trust until my frustrations subside.

Will you console me, bless me and wipe my tears away? And will you hold my hand and walk with me with me when I return to face the day? 

He Said:

Beloved, just look into your heart and find Me there at home. Let’s sit and rest and talk a while there’s no rush to carry on.

Lean upon My goodness, gaze upon My face, look Me in the eye and know you will never lack My grace.

My grace is sufficient it is more than enough; it will stand you square on your feet for when the going gets tough.

And don’t you worry a second when I give you words to speak, because the only opinion that matters is the one coming from Me.

I need you to share My heart, My will and My ways, and sometimes you’ll grow weary, but be faithful ’til the end, forever and always.

Your heart is My home, so I will never be far. Come anytime you want to talk and please come just as you are. 

And…by the way, “just as you are” is lovely- you’ve come a long, long way. You’re growing more beautiful in Me with each and every day. 


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