Deuteronomy 13:4 Prayer

By Rhonda Frye

“Serve only the Lord your God and fear Him alone. Obey His commands, listen to His voice and cling to Him” (Deuteronomy 13:4).

Dear God, 

I repent of not serving and fearing you alone. Too many times I attempt to serve and fear You plus someone or something else, including myself and my agenda. Only You deserve my full attention, loyalty, passion and energy and then everything falls into place. I need Your forgiveness. 

I want to obey Your commands, but without You, it is impossible. Fill me with Your spirit—strengthen and transform me so I can meet Your Holy expectations. Your commands are good.

Silence the voices shouting condemnation, accusation, arrogance, comparison, selfishness, confusion, rejection and suspicion and amp up the Voice of conviction, forgiveness, humility, acceptance, generosity, clarity, validation and love. 

And God, You wouldn’t say “Cling to Me” if Your arms weren’t already open. Honestly Jesus, I can’t cling to You because my arms are too full. But fair warning—watch Your toes. As I dwell on Your goodness with eyes fixed on You, I’m dropping every single temporary, minor and fleeting satisfaction and every worthless substitute of Your love at Your feet so I can fully embrace all that You are. May this moment linger in my mind so I always remember how comforting, reassuring and peaceful it feels to be protected, shielded and covered in Your holy, Fatherly embrace. 

In Jesus Name, 


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