I’m Rhonda Frye—a miracle of mercy totally committed to my miracle maker, Jesus Christ. To know Him is to love Him and to love Him is to serve Him. To serve Him is to experience joy!

I am an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene serving full-time as a worship and administrative pastor. I love leading worship each week and also enjoy teaching Bible studies, preaching, and administrating various ministries of the church. Although my calling seems broad and varied, writing is at the heart of it all.

Early in my Christian journey, I established the spiritual discipline of journaling. As I spilled contents of my heart onto paper, God was shaping me into a writer to use words for His glory.

What I think is pen-piddling often turns out as songs, poems, prayers, liturgy, segues, devotions, sermons and articles. Some pieces are crafted into published material, but most of it is still tucked away between covers. Some of it is ripped out and burned. Even so, writing is a huge part of my life and trickles into every aspect of my ministry. Naturally, reading fuels this passion to write.

I’m for sure an “odd one” to live with. I spend large amounts of time staring in space only to cross over into la-la land. I sometimes enjoy companionship with other creatives there. I’m thankful my husband of 32 years understands and knows when it’s time to reel me home. Home is in North Georgia where we adore our three grown children and their spouses and believe me, we are smitten by four grand-babes! Our picture-perfect goldendoodles complete our family.

Life hasn’t always been and still isn’t always bliss. It is full of challenges. I’ve had my share of dodging arrows, wrestling giants, warring with enemies and chasing ghosts back to the closet only to collapse at Jesus’ feet. God’s mercy and grace has always and continues to pick me up and will see me through. God is working a merciful transformation in me, and it is an honor to grow in my knowledge, love and service to Him. It is my calling to help others get to know Him better so they will adore Him and find satisfaction in serving Him too.