Rhonda Frye Music Ministries 
501-C Non-Profit
"It is the desire of Rhonda Frye Music Ministries to use music and creative writing as a tool to inspire others to experience a reconciled, real, and relevant relationship with Jesus Christ."
Rhonda Frye Music Ministries is a 501-C Non-Profit ministry located in North Georgia.  With the tool of music, Rhonda Frye Music Ministries is reaching people of all ages from children to adults.  Under the ministry umbrella falls Rhonda Frye's songwriting, speaking, writing and recording ministries. Also included is Mini Music, a preschool music and movement program, and Rhonda Frye and Riverside which is a progressive southern gospel trio.  The latest expansion is Mitchell Frye Marketing, a creative writing and promotions ministry. Please feel free to visit every page and let us know how we can serve you. 

Rhonda's Latest Album

Second Chances

Second Chances is an album of Rhonda's original music produced by Sound Resources in Chattanooga. Enjoy Rhonda's soothing voice and heart-warming lyrics as she shares her heart on her first project. Rhonda has received several awards for her solo work and songwriting and has received National Radio Airplay featuring several selections.