Traveling Through Waters

By Rhonda Frye

Hi friends!

I’m excited and I’m nervous. Isn’t that they way it is when trying something new? It’s like dipping your toes into uncharted waters. Soon, curiosity overcomes fear and before ya know it, you’re in over your head. Well… here I am, launching a new blog to serve as a place to document my Christian experience and hopefully inspire others to travel this journey along with me. 

Journey. That’s a familiar description in Christian circles to describe the traveling process from salvation to sanctification all the way to glorification and everything in between. Some people refer to this journey as a walk. Paul describes it as a race in the new testament; David calls it a path in the old. Some gospel singers sing about it as a trip and others describe it as enlisting in the military. Me? I think of that gap- in- time as open water swimming. 

I’m not so sure why open water swimming comes to mind. It’s not like I have any experience with it. The only thing that would even close close is riding waves at the beach once a year, or zipping through rivers on my jet-ski or taking an occasional lake plunge. I’ve been around water enough to know how to relate to it.  Sometimes in my Christian experience, it seems like all is well. I’m back-stroking, and splashing just enjoying the warmth of sunshine on my face. Other times, I get my eyes on myself and quickly sink. In just a few short seconds light disappears and everything sounds mumbled as I  descend in cooler waters. There are times I get a burst of energy and stretch out face down and kick my feet furiously while my arms paddle like an olympian. And there have been times I have been happily playing in the water totally oblivious of the dangers all around. Occasionally it felt like I was wiped out by a tsunami or a tidal wave. I love it when life feels like a gentle breeze is blowing through my hair while I relax belly up with head back simply floating. My Christian experience description is a wet one.

As we journey, there are good times and there are bad. Sometimes the bad is a result from our choices, but sometimes we get caught up in the choices of others. We fail. Other people fail. Our bodies fail, and relationships fail.There are many problems and failures that tempt us to reach for the beach towel and get out of the water. The truth is, Jesus is right there to help us stay on course. Remember, He is Lord of the sea! He created it and He can part it. He walks on it too and can do anything else He wants to do with it because it is His. Our life is His too. And this my friend is exactly what I plan to write about on this new blog. Jesus will help us navigate uncharted waters until we take His hand on the other side of the shore.I want to share what God is teaching me about that!

I would love for you to search together with me for treasures in the depths of God’s love! Scripture says His love reaches to the highest sky and to the deepest parts of the ocean. That’s more than I can comprehend, but like a deep sea diver, I’m ready to explore! Are you? 

Feel free to check out the rest of the website. I will be adding poems, prayers, liturgy, videos and more as time goes on. I would love to hear from you as well- so drop me an email or Facebook message any time. 

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