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She said… “How long, O Lord, How long? When will I ever catch a break?” He said: When better days are on the horizon remember new mercies have just begun This fresh supply will sustain as you wait on the rising sun Daylight will dawn upon you it’s just a matter of when The clouds will part and melt away and you’ll see my faithfulness again So press on in the night and keep dreaming of the day, For this too shall pass my dear sweet child morning is going to break

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Dear God, This is my prayer today from my heart to yours— Please make me helpful, useful and pure. Rekindle the fire in my soul again. Let passion for you be stirred and bred. Flood me with ideas to serve people–close, far and wide.And let the experience of Your goodness dominate my mind. Keep my hands held open to receive Redeeming Love.And my feet firmly planted in truth from above. Anoint my speech with grace, every word from my heart.And light my face with your presence as I encounter those in the dark. Let my eyes peer through mercy as I look all around.And may...

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