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“I’ve Come, Lord” Prayers

She Said: God, I can’t seem to find my voice or move into my skin? Will you make a place where I…. “just as I am” will fit in? Feeling like a fish out of water, flopping on the sand, I need someone to “get me” I really need a friend. .  Will you be my refuge… I need a place inside. I want a shelter I can trust until my frustrations subside. Will you console me, bless me and wipe my tears away? And will you hold my hand and walk with me with me when I return to face the day?  He Said: Beloved, just look into your heart and...

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Trust Is Everything

I am thoroughly enjoying my Bible reading plan so far this year. The only thing is…I struggle moving on to the next chapter every time my imagination piques or heart stirs. Believe me, that is often. I’m a deep thinking, rabbit chasing, rose sniffing, read-between-the-lines kind of girl. It takes an enormous amount of discipline to turn the page when I want to linger. There is a difference in reading vs. studying the Bible—both methods are good.  Study is my favorite, but this year I am reading too. Hopefully, like many of you, I will read through the Bible this year.     ...

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I Choose To Trust Jesus

I choose to trust Jesus whose power never weakens and love never fades—not even over time. I choose to trust Jesus whose integrity isn’t questionable because His words never fall short and His promises never fail. I choose to trust Jesus because His kindness isn’t discriminatory and His mercy isn’t blind. I choose to trust Jesus whose wisdom is so perfect it leaves no room for wonder, estimation, guessing, reading between the lines or drawing flawed conclusions.  I choose to trust Jesus whose reputation is so 100 % faithful, I can’t possibly be misguided when I follow Him....

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Trampled,Mangled & Milked

Dear Jesus, You say I can come to you  just as I am  and tell you just how I feel-  the good, bad and ugly… Ok- here it goes…  I feel trampled,                 mangled                           and milked…  My heart feels trampled-        like a stampede of people                       walking on my heart. Some —  not...

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